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It all started when…

I started working in IT in the early '90s. The web was still in its infancy (the only way to surf the 'net was Gopher and Archie). I was in Washington, DC on 9/11. One of our customers needed access to IPTV because they were tracking a story about a plan hitting the World Trade Center.

I survived the Dot Com bubble and Great Recession and stayed employed through it all.

I have enjoyed a long and varied tech career, and now call Strongbridge, LLC my career home. Supporting our customers with the US Department of Transportation has been a privilege, and I work with Aerohive Routers, HP Switches, and support our customers with solutions like Kaseya and GoToAssist. 

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and Masters in Information Assurance from Strayer University.

Stop by my page at LinkedIn and get in touch.

My Resume is available here.

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CompTIA A+ Certified