Norton Core: The Calmer of Chaos

Many markets fit into neat, pithy containers, easy to leverage. Conversely, IoT is a zoo, a herd of cats. Prosumer network appliances like the Norton Core make it a little better.

Contrary to the bromide that’s going around, I actually do care (a little) about privacy. Despite my ambivalence toward Google . . . I still like their software.

Alexa is reputed by some as the worst kind of nosy mother-in-law .  . . but Echos are pretty cool.


A quick and dirty nMap topology shows me that the Norton Core sports a Linux distro called OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05. Yes, friends, new Chaos Calmer is a Wi-Fi OS AND a tasty beverage!

Following on the heels of the prior release (code-named Barrier Breaker), this version provides multi-core support, better QS, and Traffic Shaping, improves DNSSEC compliance and QoS.

Firmware updates are automatic. Norton keeps a regular schedule of firmware updates pushed in off-peak hours, bouncing the router at 4 am to 5 am when most users are not using the gateway.

All of this means that Norton Core follows many industry best-practices for patching, intrusion detection and WLAN safeguards and makes life simpler by herding the cats of IoT, all for a very reasonable price.

Plus, the aesthetic is pretty cool. It looks like a tiny Epcot Center.

IoT is among us. Security is not automatic. Make an effort to harden your WLAN and protect those you love. And for heaven’s sake, don’t disparage the cool stuff your Mom gave you for Christmas; make it work for you!