The Band Played On (Until it Didn't)

My Microsoft Band 2 is now slated for the Island of Lost Toys.

I unpacked boxes from our recent move when I happened upon the dormant device. I had not used it for over a year. Curious, I set out to find it's bizarre magnetic charger and fire it up.

The Microsoft Band app has not been deprecated in the Apple App store, but as of the latest iOS 12 Beta, the device is no longer recognized. Despite valiant factory reset efforts, the little guy boots up and not much more.

The bulky, awkward user experience must have been its undoing. I am sure I never saw another soul besides me wearing a Band. The idea of looking at the bottom of your wrist to tell time seemed strange, and reading the display vertically was . . . weird.

Still, the GPS worked well and the heart rate monitor was rated one of the most accurate in the trades. 

The apps were pretty lackluster, but the bar-code scanner for Starbucks NFC payments worked a charm. 

Seems a shame, but this device is as dead-end as they come. I gave up on my Fitbit Blaze, and now I'm wearing a Ticwatch E. Not bad . . . but far better with an Android phone.

Now that I've had a taste of the Moto G (the cheap phone that gave my iPhone 7 a run for it's money), I'm still convinced that its time to go to the Green Side of the Force.