Calvary Temple: Of Exiles and Scapegoats

It has seemed like months since I have thought about my former life in Calvary Temple, years since I last participated in a protest. My personal exodus from Facebook means I have not been aware of developments of this evolving story. 

The Netflix documentary "Wild, Wild Country" brought back some of those memories. My heart went out to the good people of Antelope, OR who saw their town fall prey to a cult who took over most of the town's resources and even changed the town's name!

As I read the latest Washington Post article about Calvary Temple, "The Exiles". I considered how deeply connected Calvary Temple has been in Loudoun County, and how its efforts to slow down justice would seem to have held sway (for now). 

But some ex-CTers have grown cynical about the investigation, speculating that Scott’s local influence and wealth have played a role in its slow progress. According to property records, the church now owns about a dozen properties that together are valued around $10 million, of which $6 million is the church’s main property.
— Washington Post, "Exiles" by Britt Peterson July 25, 2018

The fight for Antelope, OR took decades. How often they must have despaired of ever winning back their town or seeing justice served. For those standing up to Calvary Temple, patience and forbearance come hard. I pray we never give up and take encouragement from the brave citizens of Antelope, OR. Justice will prevail.